Biography of

Kai Dehrmann

Technical Director of MM Solutions Group Central Europe

Kai Dehrmann was born in Heidelberg and educated in both German and French, finishing school with the French Baccalaureat. His fluency in these languages, and of course in English, partnered with his successful career in leading electronic companies provides him with an in depth understanding of the European electronics industry.

In 1974, having studied Electronics (Communications) at the Technical University of Aachen, Dehrmann began his career as a research engineer at the Institute of Prof. Engl (ITHE) focusing on IC-Design Systems, Circuit Simulation (MEDUSA) and Sparse Matrix Techniques. His career moved into the commercial world in 1979 as the first Application Engineer for Central European IC and PCB customers of Calma. His achievements led to the GDSII system becoming the standard tool for IC layout design, DRC and pattern generation.

In 1982 Dehrmann joined Daisy Systems GmbH as Technical Manager where his technical and organizational skills were combined to build large teams of experts in Karlsruhe and Munich. His leadership and expertise in benchmarks and circuit simulation were used throughout Europe to contribute to the golden era of Logician, Gatemaster and Chipmaster.

Dehrmann mastered a wider area of responsibility starting 1987 on becoming the European Technical Manager for Caeco Inc. whose advanced layout products introduced the notion of process (and device) definition with on-line DRC. Following the Silicon Compilers take-over of Caeco, he joined Cadence Design Systems, again as European Technical Manager, organizing all AEs and pioneering new groups for custom development, consulting and introducing new products.

In 1992 Dehrmann joining SES as Technical Manager, and widened his technical expertise to cover system simulation and performance modeling, with object oriented analysis and simulation. Following the closure by SES of its Central European Operations, Dehrmann joined MM Solutions and was able again to support SES (now Hyperformix) and other EDA customers like Forte Design Systems ( now EMA), and

Dehrmann in his career has exhibited vast technical and solid organizational experience that are now an integral part of MM Solutions, and are greatly enhanced by his excellent conversational and technical knowledge of German, French and English. As an officer of this solution based company, clients and customers can be assured of outstanding support in the mission to bring new technologies to Europe.

MM Solutions Group "Central Europe" is today represented by :

Dipl.Ing.Kai Dehrmann
Hauptstrasse 143
76744 Wörth/Schaidt
Tel: 06340-919134
Email: kai (at)

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